SplitsBrowser file load test page – About

The file load test page is a page that allows someone to load an event data file and see whether the latest version of SplitsBrowser reads it or not. The version of SplitsBrowser is shown at the top, and it also available when hovering over the SplitsBrowser logo in the top-left corner.

There are two ways to load a file. Use the button marked 'Choose file' and choose the file using the file picker that appears, or drag a file over the dotted box. Please note dragging a file over the dotted box may not work if you have a virus scanner that has installed a toolbar into your browser.

Some orienteering results files use different character sets. If the display looks wrong (e.g. some characters appear as � or é, for example), try changing this from the default (UTF-8) and loading the file again.

The test page runs entirely in your browser – it does not store your event data on a server anywhere. In order to do this it relies on a feature of modern browsers (the HTML5 File API), which most browsers support. Internet Explorer 9 is the only browser I know of that SplitsBrowser supports but which doesn't work with this page. There may be others.

The 'Link' function has been disabled for this page, as there's not a lot of point to it. You can't really share a link to this test page with certain competitors, chart types etc. selected, as you would also have to share the data file.